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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rosettes Make the World Go Round

I was vaguely amused (but not surprised) to note the following piece of drivel on one of the cat lists, after an annual Cat of the Year binge had taken place, and the masses were still in a mutual back patting mood :

"I am quite surprised that no one has put pics of the amazing CFSA Coty Rosettes up yet. So shoot me if you will. They were done by *(name deleted)*  and were even personalised - each Rosette had the Cat's placing as well as a separate ribbon with the Cat's Name on. These are undoubtedly the most beautiful Coty Rosette in our home."
(I won't bother to fix the prose to more closely resemble English)

(And then a picture of a board with a few rows of rosettes, basically similar, with the caption) :
"The armada of Rosettes that greeted us on the evening."

"Each Coty Qualifier got two Rosettes, the smaller one was on each cage and the larger, personalised one, we received in the evening."

I loved G's comment : NOW... Lets NOT forget the Rosettes folks!!!  How would we survive the cat-show without our rows of Rosettes to show off our wins?  UNTHINKABLE!!!!!!"

Poor human-beings - seems they have nothing better to do than exploit their cats so that they can  B R A G  and then feel good about themselves !!!

And that about sums up the stupidity of the cat fancy. It would be more worthwhile if the winning was at least based on the qualities of the cat, rather than the need to mollycoddle the masses in turn, to keep them coming back to the shows. But it's not. Drag the cats to the show and back home. Show and home. Show, home, show home showhomeshowhomeshowhomeshowhome etc.

Pity it does nothing for the cats. It would be nice if the money spent on ribbons, dinners and doodads could be donated to animal welfare, cat shelters and sterilization programs.

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