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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Life in the Cat Fancy

What a boring pedestrian title - but no inspiration will come when I think about the cat fancy.

I did get inspired about 2 days ago, and started raving on about not being able to soar like an eagle when you're mixing it with the turkeys, and a whole lot of other factual stuff about what goes on there.

But G read it, and being a nicer person than I am, she suggested that the aim should be to build up rather than tear down, and other nice things. She's quite right, of course....

But DAMMIT! The cat fancy enrages me. It's not the cats - they're wonderful animals. And it's not some of the owners- we have made some very wonderful friendships while we've been in the cat fancy. I suppose it's the manipulation, the ethos, the wangling and fandangling, and seeing unsuspecting people getting ripped off....There I go again! I promised G I'd be positive and nice.

Well - they do say if you can't say something nice, rather say nothing at all. So here goes - here is my long-anticipated blog about the cat fancy :

The Cat Fancy

That's it - Thanks for reading!

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